Monday, May 26, 2008


We promised rehearsal footage and rehearsal footage is what you will get. This Escapade remix is something that we are working on and you will hear us doing this live in our next string of shows. There's a lot of reasons we choose to flip the samples we flip, but in this case it started with the fact that Matisse and I are both huge Janet Jackson fans. At one time we both wanted to marry her, and we think she is super underrated and not praised enough. Matisse also pointed out to me that Djs don't play enough Janet in clubs, which I totally agree with. And no one ever talks about her first album,, the self titled one where she's emerging from the pool. You might be thinking, she's kinda weird. Yes I agree. Her interlude rants on the Damita Joe album about her love for the ocean and all that shit made me scratch my head in confusion, but she could be the most consistent Jackson,, yah I said it. This live remix is done with me on the turntables and Matisse on the Keys, giving Adam Tune a chance to rest his arms, so it's just the two of us making all that noise. Again it's rehearsal footage so it's raw,, we just stuck a mic in the room and hit record. We will eventually will record this properly, but for now enjoy the rawness.


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