Sunday, December 28, 2008


So many of my friends are sneaker heads/collectors, but I've never really been that guy. I've always bought shoes for the look and how they compliment my outfits, not really for collector or bragging rights purposes. I've done the Nike thing. I'm over it. I'm 28 now and kinda feel like I'm 17 when wearing Nikes. The last year or so I've been rocking a lot of Vans. Super clean and look dope with pretty much any pair jeans, and the price is definitely right. But what if you wanna step it up? What if you want those kinda sneakers or shoes in general that you can rock with denim, but also with a suit? I've done some different things. I have a pair of White Jack Purcell's that I was rockin with suits last summer, and I tried buying white low tops from Adidas that never worked out. However, I feel like Common Projects have really nailed this look perfectly. They make everything from sneakers (that can be worn with anything), to desert boots and even dress shoes. Always one color, clean designs, fine leather, made in Italy. Definitely pricey. Look for the sales!

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