Thursday, January 1, 2009


So we opened for Questlove on Monday the 29th of December at the legendary SOBS in New York. We started the trip with what's kinda becoming our New York tradition now. We all take seperate flights arriving in the city one by one, at different times, usually due to poor planning, and when we finally arrive we hook up, eat and then go back to my apartment to do some work before we crash.

My apartment is a typical small New York apartment, so we are all sleeping in one room on couches and air mattresses like the 3 stooges. It's quite the scene. Anyways, we then awoke at 11:30am for our traditional day of the show (jesus we better sound tight) rehearsal.

After rehearsal it's right to sound check. You should see us packing equipment into cabs. Also quite the scene. We can't fit all of our gear into a regular cab so we have to wait for those van cabs. We usually have one guy watch the equipment and then two guys strategically stand on different corners trying to flag down cabs and coax them over to us. Even though they're vans, and can totally fit our gear, a lot of the drivers are apprehensive about taking us with all of our stuff. This usually requires us to sort of ambush them by leading them over to the equipment and before they know what's happening, they have a rocket launcher sized Keyboard case rammed in their trunk along with three low lives packed into their back seat. It's kinda like an effective bank heist.

Anyways,, the show, the show. As artists, it's sort of natural to really want the respect of your peers, maybe even more so then the respect of your fans. Maybe not? Well I think we can all agree that we want the respect of the icons in the game.
Questlove is obviously nothing short of an icon. Maybe more specific of an icon to what we do then anyone else, since we're a weird kinda remix band and The Roots were the first and still are the most relevant hip hop band. So of course leading up to this gig the babbling amongst us was "maybe Questlove will see our stuff,, I really hope he likes it,, he has to like it's dope,,, but what if he doesn't.."
Anyways, the crowd ate it up, and afterwards when he came up to set up his laptop he told me that was "pretty incredible, and said that it didn't look easy keeping all the samples synced up live the way we do." I was like "wow dude you just made my our entire year" lol.

Big up the staff at SOBS for treating us so nicely. You could definitely feel the history in the room,, well not literally,, but kinda. The posters downstairs helped. Big up to everyone that night that came out to the show and got sweaty to us and and Questlove.