Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Big up Morsy, Crooked Disco peeps, Nanachill crew, Chris from FreeNYC and Public Assembly for making this happen. Also shout out to everyone that came through. Show was nuts. On a sidenote, I should mention that when we arrived at the venue for an 8pm soundcheck, there was a huge crowd of drunk white ppl dressed like vikings just leaving the venue. The security dude told us that these crazy ppl get into teams, dress in costumes and have a footrace over the Williamsburg bridge IN THE DEAD OF WINTER from the city into Brooklyn, and then came to the venue for a preorganized drunken viking afterparty. WTF! I wish I had pictures of this. People really do some crazy shit down here. Instead I just have pictures of the show which doesn't possess the same level of weirdness, but I like to think was equally as fun.

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bornswift said...

yo, Matisse LOVES that hat, eh? haha.