Thursday, March 26, 2009


SO part of the lifestyle on the road is always eating out and trying somewhere new to get a feel for a citys spirit. Our last trip to Montreal we stopped in at the well known spot Janos. We all had the exact same thing. Poulet et frites. While Flo recommended this place highly and swears by it, Tune and I both thought the chicken was a bit dry and nuthing to write home about. Though we did find the waitress to be friendly and good spirited. The atmosphere was trendy with a mom and pop shop feel to it.

End result, (out of 10)
Flo 8
Matisse 5
Tune 5


Rev Groove said...

It was better the first time we went, it was good though this time as well.

We should try Schwartz's next time...Montreal Smoked Meat baby, tha's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Anonymous said...

You don't go to a Chinese restaurant to eat Steak Diane.You go to Portuguese to eat seafood and pork.
If you want chicken BBQ, you must have dark meat, the white breast is always dryer, as any chef will tell you.
I eat at Janos regularly, and have never had a bad meal. The owner, Carlos is a real gentleman, and he has had the same staff for years, a sure sign of a good restauranteur.
Good clean food at a good price served by nice folk That is why the locals pack it out, even in sub zero winter temperatures.