Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I'm here in the comfort inn Hotel in Vancouver. Sitting on the computer. I am fukin tired. Its 12:26am here which for Torontonians means 3:26am
Our flights just got in. Tune dropped me off and went to check his boy uptown. Flo is out and about and I'm reading up on some music biz stuff online.

Looking forward to our show tomorrow in Whistler. That town loves to party and we haven't been up there for a while. We're gonna toss some new ish into our set and I'm hyped to try out our newest live remix of Mos Def.

Damn it rains here a lot. But I still love Vancouver and B.C. If you're reading this and coming out to our shows in the next few days, take some pics and send them to us. We wanna see how the party is for you guys and how you experience it.

I'm about to pass outtttttttttttttt

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