Monday, March 2, 2009


Respectz goes to Meghan for getting us out to this show. A few months back when we were playing at the CMJ's in NY we shared the stage with a dope hip hop band called Igmar Thomas & the Cyphers. Met Igmar, Meghan and their peeps there and loved how they jammed their shit live.

Revive the Live represents a collective of some of the top jazz and hip hop musicians in NY. They've played with EVERYBODY. Just checked a show they were all putting on called Hip Hop since 1942. 8-9 piece band that blended ol Jazz tracks from Coltrane, Miles and others and then flipped them into the hip hop jams they became like Tribe, Gangstarr and KRS- ONE. All live. Pretty sick concept and the crowd loved it.

IF you are an underground jazz or hip hop fan this collective is worth a checking out HERE

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