Friday, March 20, 2009


Kay so after driving 28 hrs From Toronto to Dallas (YES, we drove. You are NOT the first person to ask us) to pick up our boy Peter who was to play bass for our show, and then driving another 4 hrs onwards, we finally arrived in Austin around 6pm last night. We stopped and ate at this Texas restaurant called FuddRunners., which we'll review later.

Anyway we went out that night and hit the strip HARD. Austin is Nutzzz right now. We hit a few shows and found out the legendary Bar-Kays were playing around 1am. DAMMMN

Let me tell you these guy lived up to being responsible for some of the funkiest grooves ever created. They owned the stage and had the 200 plus crowd in the palm of their hands. Singing old 70's Stax jams and revisiting Otis Reddings biggest hits. They even had the crowd doing the electric slide left to right across the dance floor. Me being a keyboardist I was listening to the 3 man synth orchestra that was hammering out melodies and patches. The band was so in the pocket it was nuts.

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