Friday, March 20, 2009


Ohhhh kayyyyy
So we walked into another bar called Vive as one NY hip hop group was ending their set. We watched a couple songs and had a couple drinks. I wanted to leave before the next act came on because I didn't think it would be any good. Some of the dudes we were with wanted to stay and hear a couple from the next act. I'm sooo hyped we did. This band floored me. From the Netherlands. Kraak & Smaak. I gotta say the music on their site doesnt fully translate to how sick these guys are live. I mean seriously their sound set up took me to school. The core members are a 3 piece but live they boasted 6 players (dj, bass, drummer, keys, 2 singers who rotated and never shared the stage at the same time. 1 male 1 female. )

The keyboardist had a full out rhodes, a Roland of some sort that I couldn't make out, a reallll ass vintage Keytar, ( I have one, but not like this one. this was a spaceship) He also had what had to be a vintage moog synthesizer onstage. They murdered the crowd. I who usually like to be a music snob and hang out at the back with my critical eye ended up I moving up to the stage just to see how the hell they were creating such a soundscape live. If you ever hear that these guys are in town, go here them. A great electro live jam to have fun at. These guys should come out with a live album too if they haven't already. ILL ILL

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