Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The other day I was talking with a bunch of people,, reflecting on the Grammy show from a month or so a go (was it a month?). Anyhow, in the middle of everyone getting they're hate on about how the Grammys are shit,, bla bla,, I had to bring up this Radiohead performance of "15 Steps" off the "In Rainbows" album. To be completely honest, I totally slept on this joint.. In fact I was all over every song on the album except for this one. This performance pretty much sold me on this song, so now it's in my regular ipod rotation for when I sit at departure gates waiting for connector flights. Couldn't find the Grammy footage, but found some other footage of him killing this track live.

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LeBeato said...

i feel the same way, i didnt connect with this song till i saw them in vancouver, they opened the set with this track and i was like WTF??? what track is this? #1 on In Rainbows...how the hell did I miss that