Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last night at the supermarket with Free the Robots was INCREDIBLE.

Thanks to all of our fans who came out and partied hard. The stage was HOT AS HELL up there for us!! I swear a few times I thought I was gonna pass out. I know Tune must have been dying on those drums, he hits them HARD. Shouts out to him for keeping it going HAHA. Big thanks to Craig and YYZ records for making the night happen.

Anyone who has photos or video CLIPS from that night send them to us!! If they are dope we will post them.
Send to Shout outs again to Free the Robots for coming out and opening the night for us.

I'm chilling right now about to enjoy the nice weather in T.O and then doing the family Easter thing. Y'know how it goes.
Everyone enjoy you're weekend.


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Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

I'm really feeling the new site, it's so crispy!!

u guys r fab lovin Amilli Amilli