Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I was naming my posts about clothing "Fashion Check", but I'm deading that shit now cause to me it kinda sounds gay and pretentious. Anyways, that's not going to stop me from posting the dopeness. Lately I've really been really anti-expensive clothing. Maybe it's the recession, maybe it's cause I'm currently super broke lol. Either way, it's all about mixing high and low. Uniqlo ( definitely has a stable place in my closet, and it perfect if you're on a budget.

Great for staple stuff like denim, trousers, button ups, and they often get cool little standout unique pieces in. Recently they've been doing this thing called a "Designers Invitation Project" which is where they invite more high end designers to make small collections for them, and they basically throw it in the store and keep it at their regular price point. Very cool.

Right now they have a spring collection designed by "Opening Ceremony" which is a New York brand/boutique. Highly recommend Uniqlo if you're in NY or Japan.

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