Thursday, June 4, 2009


My two good friends from way back in the day (Merv and Mike's Dead) have this clothing brand called IRIS, which I've always really dug. Super clean, but unique details such as patterned breast pockets, detachable hoodies, and hidden pockets. These guys pay attention to the small things, and do it with taste, which for me is what makes clothing stand out. Sooooo, when Merv sent me over the details about their new website and spring drops, I had to post about it. Check out the site below and order some stuff for your wardrobe. But hurry, cause I know their stuff always goes pretty quick.

Sidenote: You might be wondering... Why is one of the designer's named "Mike's Dead?" Well we actually went to high school together, and one night after prom Mike and one of my other friends whom I won't name smoked waaaay too much weed, and Mike kept saying, "guys I think I'm dying, I think I'm dying", and then he passed out, and my other high friend was poking him (pause) and kept saying "Mike's Dead", "I think he's dead." As of Monday morning after the story was told in the cafeteria, Mike was now known as "Mike's Dead" to our group of friends. It's now 10 years later and we're still calling him "Mike's Dead." This whole thing I always found funny even though I typically don't really relate to funny things that happen to people when they're blunted cause I've never smoked,, but mainly I think it was just the permanent adoption of the name that always amused me.

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