Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Its 2:55 am in the morning right now and we've just come from our Hot 97' showcase @ S.O.B's tonight with K'Naan and B Real from Cypress hill. I don't even have any pics to upload yet. We're staying in the East village right now in Manhattan. Weather's not bad, at least compared to Toronto. I'm on Tune's labtop right now ( mine got wrecked at new years, don't wanna go into cause it just makes me mad) about to crash for the night.

Tonight was good, reeeeaaaallll good. Gotta say this about S.O.B's it's quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to play.
We made some new fans and saw some decent music performances tonight. Shout out to K'Naan for doing his thing and representing Toronto.

NY crowds are notorious for being hard ass. Tonight though they gave it up for us. Felt fukin fabolous. Something about S.O.B's vibe there and the history. Anyway tank ya tank ya Big Apple.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the show and honestly, didn't expect to enjoy myself at all. I pride myself in having an eclectic taste in music but 'Live Remixing' has never made my list. However - I have been converted - WOWOWOWOW... your show was out of control. I was born and raised in NYC and know talent when I hear it.. you guys are blessed! I have been telling everyone who will listen about Keysnkrates! Can't wait until my next experience with you guys!