Friday, February 27, 2009

VENTING : Yamaha motif 7

Kay....I'm usually calm and collected with things when they go wrong but seriously right now.... THAT GOES OUT THE WINDOW.

Let me just put it out there that I love the yamaha motif series. Especially the hard to find Yamaha 7 which I have in my collection. HOWEVER, this keyboard's keys have broken on me so many fukin times in the middle of shows! My last show in Toronto a key got broken and I just got it fixed.

NYC on Wed was the first big show I've had since then and a key BROKE AGAIN. Yamaha WTF??? I play HARD I'm a passionate musician, when we get into our vibe I like my keyboards to be able to take the energy. This is not taking my ENERGY. I don't want bitch ass keys. MAN UP. I've spent like $500 on notes being broken in the last month.

The guy even told me he can't keep taking apart the thing and putting it back together without possibly screwing something else up now.

I just want my keyboard to be durable ok??? FUCCCCKKKKKK

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Rev Groove said...

We should talk, I have an idea actually...