Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yeah can't talk long. The promoter is in the lobby of the hotel ready to take us over to the venue for Soundcheck. Its 5:50pm Frankfurt time. I just woke up from a beautiful nap. We landed this morning at 5:30am.
In the airport while waiting to get past customs, I was taking shots of the airport and people for fun. All of a sudden this huge German police officer comes over to me and in a thick German accent asks me to step out of line and show him the photos I have taken. Everyone in line stops and stares at us. I show him and he tells me that my camera could be confiscated for taking pics of the airport. He tells me to erase most of the pics. (Oddly he lets me keep a few, I don't know why)

Another random,
We get to our hotel around 7am. We eat some cold cuts for breakfast that the hotels are serving and walk around to explore our new territory. About a block down we find an all night techno rave party still going on. We jump in and the bartender gives us a few shots and beers. Partying at 7am wtf???

Ok that's it. The guys are texting me to get my ass downstairs.

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