Saturday, June 13, 2009


In the hotel room again, waiting to go perform at Perkins Park in Stuttgart. These hotels rooms they've been putting us up in have been the SHIT. They work on some card system where none of the power comes on unless you've inserted your room key into the designated slot. Germany is very energy conscious with wind and solar power everywhere.

Germany has been so hospitable to us. What can I say? BERLIN LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING.
Could be my favorite place to play now. The crowd was crazy, vibe was crazy, venue was crazy. Shout outs to the cats at LiveDemo for bringing us down. Anyone traveling overseas you need to visit here. A strong artistic community is doing some real innovative shit.

On a side note, we've been up and down on the autobond criss-crossing the country. Germany as a whole is beautiful. Think I could live here. It was a 6 hour drive between Berlin and Stuttgart and with highways having no speed limit, we pushed the car to 200km. Still even at that speed some cars were still flying by us. Tune said at one time while the rest of us were sleeping, he tried to follow behind a ferrari but couldn't keep up once it decided to go into warp speed. I don't ever wanna drive at 120km again. TOO SLOW.

We've eaten a lot of cold cuts for breakfast, Schnitzel (hope I spelled it correctly), boiled eggs, and a few other foods that I can't remember the names. Over here you can buy alcohol anywhere at almost any time. There's been a few times we've stumbled out of the club at 5am and found a bar still open serving drinks?? Most days we lose track of time. It doesn't get dark over here right now until after 10pm any by 5am the sun is coming up again.
Thats it for now with my tour guide style post. Oh by the way,



Sandy said...

NO speed limit? that's just bananas. By the way, I've stayed in hostels in Thailand that has the same energy conservation (w/ hotel keys).

After traveling abroad, the States seems conservative in comparison doesn't it?

As far as shows go, keep rocking it!


Yeah man, I know. The autobahn is ridiculous. People have been telling me more about the hotel key system at other places in the world as well. For some reason I've never seen them before.

Yes Germany is a step ahead of both the States and Canada. Love it.